How To Make Money from Your Blog-2018 Best Methods


How To Make Money from Your Blog-2018 Best Methods-Today is a bit more encouraging with online income but most people do not know how to earn online.Blogging is the first and genuine way to earn online.Now everyone wants to earn from online.The new blogger who started the career to blogging to earn or started writing a new blog they all know it is very easy to earn from the blog but they are not sure how to get an income from the blog.Those who have been blogging for a long time are trying to monetize their blogs.

The blog is a passion for many bloggers.Many bloggers were also writing blogs to earn.You have to be very patient to earn from blogging.You can support your family by earning through blogging.So today our discussion is matter of fact “How To Make Money from Your Blog-2018 Best Methods”


Our Focus Topic

1.Google Adsense


3.Affiliate programme Advertisements

4.Referral income

5.Direct Banner Advertisement

6.Paid Reviews

7.Sell Your Own Service

8.Creat E-book and sell 


1.Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a CPC advertising program.Google Adsense is an advertising platform on Google.Through which Google publishes one of his blogs via blogger’s blog.The targeted content advertisement is displayed on the website.

The first thing to say about earning through advertising is to trust so Google Adsense is the world’s most bloggers start income from this platform.The Adsense account is a to get approval from Google first.There is a form of Google Adsense approval.When filling out the form, you have to fill in your name, address, blog URL, your bank account.After the form is filled up, the official site is submitted to

Then the Google team will check your blog and if your website has all the rules of Google, then congratulation email come and your Adsense account will be approved.


If you want to get your name, address and bank account right in the Google Adsense you can add Adsense ads to your website.





After Google Adsense, if you can get a good income from Viglink network.Most bloggers use info link for text advertising.But in my opinion, Viglink is the best one of for text advertising.If you have had enough traffic on your website then you can earn money by monetizing your blog through Viglink.


Viglink money making process-

Viglink has two types of income.Publishers earn money from Viglink and Viglink earn money due to publishers.The number of clicks from publishers a website from there 25 percent revenue Viglink will keep it and 75 percent commission publisher gave it.This platform is very good commission publisher.


Viglink support platform-

1. Blogger









3.Affiliate Marketing



What is affiliate marketing-

affiliate marketing in the online world is the top business opportunities.Because the cost to start this startup is as high as the cost of profit.Affiliate marketing is a part-time job.If you are the effort and time behind it so you can earn a lot of it.


working process-

The earn from Affiliate marketing, you must first join an affiliate program.After joining, the company will provide you with a unique affiliate link then you can put that link on your website or blog.If a person purchases that product by clicking on your affiliate link then his commission will be transferred to your affiliate account.


Best affiliate programme company

1.Amazon Affiliate


3.Commission Junction




4.Referral Income


Most advertisement programs there is a separate payment system for referral programs.Based on this referral income, you are using advertising programs.At first, you can look for referral programs and refer your readers to that program.



Make sure to only refer users to programme that work.



5.Direct Advertise programme


Most bloggers have Google Adsense most useful, most powerful and most trustful advertise platform but there is some limitation of Google Adsense.The biggest limitation of the Google Adsense is you get paid per click.

Direct advertising programs if you can manage directly then replace those Google Adsense units with direct ads instead.This direct ad is best most stable and highest paying.



If you want to do direct advertising on your blog then you can use Buysell ads.Buysell ads is one of the best popular platforms for direct advertisement programme.


6.Paid Reviews


Paid reviews are the best way to boost your monthly revenue.Any famous blogger’s website can see the blogger gives a review of the backlink tool, SEO tool, and many more.It is called paid reviews.A company gives money to a famous blogger about its service or product to give a better review.

You need your blog famous to use paid reviews.And there are lots of traffic to your blog then you can contact a company and give them good reviews about their product or service and you can do a very good earning through this.



What you need to keep in mind while paid reviews you have to highlight the good benefits of free reviews and paid reviews.


7.Sell Your Own Service 


Another simple and effective method of earning from blogs is earned your own service or product sell.We have seen many bloggers who offer some service.Example-any service, any plugins, web development, logo making and many more.If you are one of the things to be talented and if the amount of traffic on your website is high and if your community is good then you can earn a lot by selling your service.



In this regard, you have to keep in mind that you are about to unique then provide those service to people.



8.E-book Create And Sell


you may have noticed many times that all the famous blogger e-book selling is doing it and it’s a lot of earn from online.If you are a blogger then you can create an e-book and it can earn a lot of income online through online.You have to choose a subject that everyone is interested in next compile an E-book on that topic and put it on sale your blog or on Amazon.Through this process, you can earn money.




I hope this blog will help you a lot in earning in future.I will be giving you more updates.So that your income may increase.If you like this blog, share it with friends and comment,let us know.

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