How to Choose Best Blogging Platform in 2018 for Beginners Guide


Blogging is the best way to earn the best in the internet world. blogging as a new career is a better option but to be a success in blogging career, a new blogger has to be very patient.But to be successful in blogging step-by-step guide. So we’ve NSE GURUKUL made for the new blogger’s step-by-step guide.


Many bloggers who are going to start writing blogs do not know the basic meaning of the blogging.So today I will first discuss things in this basic, then I will talk about our main topics “How to choose the Best Blogging Platform in 2018 for Beginners Guide”


If we say good about blogging then blogging will mean that on the internet where we show our skills our learning. Many people say this from the information sharing site, Technical hub, learning spot. The basic terms of blogging are three.What is a blog? who is a blogger? and what is blogging?


Our Focus Topic


  1. What is Blog?
  2. Who is a Blogger?
  3. What is a Blogging?


Top 10 Best Blogging Platform

  4. Joomla
  6. Magento
  8. Ghost
  9. Squarespace
  10. Tumblr 

Blogger vs WordPress



What is Blog?


A blog is a frequently update online personal journal or dairy.This is a place where you can express your skills in your education.The best place to express your emotion and thinks.A blog is your own website where you can update the running.The blog is short from the word weblog and two words are used interchangeably.


Personal Blog:-


When blogging started in the 1990s, the first blog was published as an online diary.They shared personal experiences with an online journal.There was no rule to follow for private bloggers.The blog was published by the dairy’s open page through a word processor and published HTML pages.

Regarding personal blogs, bloggers focus on a particular interest in their blog.Someone expressed their opinion in politics, someone posted a new blog about his experience.Nobody shares thoughts of thinking about his skills in poetry.Someone can also review any product and someone can sell it through affiliate marketing


Business Blog:-


A business blogger writes blogs about their business.A business blogger writes a blog about a product and service of a company.Their main goal is to attract customers and how to increase the company’s profit.So business bloggers create blogs and focus on business and industry.


Professional Blog:-


Professional blog people who make money online through blogs.their career goals are to earn their income through blogging.Professional bloggers sell different display ads to achieve their goals creat information and digital products.Such bloggers are attracting a large audience on their blog.They bring traffic to their blogs and sell advertiser’s product.


Niche Blog:-


A niche blog is very specific.These blogs are generally related to any poetry or bulldog lovers and any food blog and any training program.Yes, it can be that specific a niche blog, focus on a specific topic and then do research.


Reverse or guest host Blog:-


Revers or guest host blog are the unique but modern type of blog.Instead of the owner creating content.the content is supplied by the public.Prevent supplement interaction and promote slow topics for greater interactivity


Affiliate Blog:-.


Affiliate bloggers usually write about products on their blogs.They build a specific website for specific products and bring huge amounts of traffic on the commission by selling the product.


Freelance Blog:-


Freelance bloggers earn money by providing service.They write blogs on any business offered in the client and earn from it.If you want to earn money to write as a service and if you have experience in blogging then you can be freelancing


Who is Blogger?


A person who owns a blog and who manages this blog is called blogger.Blogging is becoming popular these days and it’s ways to published your education, your ideas, your skills, your writing connect with people and learn things along the way.

What is Blogging?


The blogs that we write for blogging are called blogging.To be successful in blogging, you need to know about the SEO, social media marketing HTML, CSS.If you want to have a bright future as a full-time career in blogging then these basic skills will help you succeed.


Top 10 Best Platform for Blogging


Everyone who is new to blogging is a good platform for blogging.Such platform will be very easy where no coding is needed.In the beginning, if the beginner makes a wrong decision then there will be many difficulties in the future.

The best and famous blogging platform is today WordPress.WordPress is a free and open source content management system based on PHP and MSQL.Many of them have seen the confusion with is an open source platform where you can create your own website. For that, you have to buy a hosting and add that website to the free blogging platform.



(a) controls every aspect of your website.

(b) Here you will get lots of  themes for free by using which you can make your website beautiful

(c) Here you will find almost 50 thousand free plugins using which you can add new features of blogging

(d) You can grow your blog and add extra features like forums online store and membership option to it.

(e) WordPress is search engine friendly




(a)You much learn to manage your website

(b) You need to manage your backup and security manually




WordPress is a completely free and most of the themes and plugins are available free of charge.Only to pay for domains and hosting.

2. a free blog hosting service created by Google in 2003.New bloggers who do not have technical skills can start a blog by using very easily.




(a) is a free blog hosting service

(b) It’s easy to use and manage without any technical skill.

(c)Google has a secure platform and reliable advantage




(a) The basic tool for blogging is very limited.

(b)No new features can be added.

(c) Google may shut down your blog at any time.

(d) The design is very low and templates do not have much.


Price:- its free hosting service platform.


3. is a free blog hosting service operated by WordPress website.But you have to pay for custom domain name additional storage and additional option.




(a) The default setup is provided

(b) It is easy to manage




(a) Your blog or website can be closed at any time if you violate the terms.

(b) The website cannot be fully customized.

(c) You can get very limited option and features.

(d) You can not an advertisement on your blog.




Main is available for free but it will take WordPress and branding.So take a custom domain to remove WordPress logo and add-ons.Which you can upgrade to monthly 2.99 $ plan and to get extra tools and designs you have to go to the plan of 8.25 $ monthly.


4. Joomla


Just like Joomla WordPress, open source content management system.It’s also a self-hosted solution.Through this platform, you can use your domain name and web hosting.If you to build your website on Joomla then you must have a good amount of coding skills.




(a)  It is 100% free to use.

(b) Joomla is very powerful and flexible.

(c) You can easily customize and like template if you want.

(d) You can add or remove features if you want.




(a) Joomla is smaller then WordPress, so plugin and themes are limited.

(b) Joomla support is very limited and paid support is can be expensive.

(c)You need to manage your self for backup, updates, and security.




Joomla is free but you will have to spend money on domain name and hosting.




A host platform is a for creating a website.The blog provides an easy way to create Wix platform offer small business an simple way to create a website using drag and drop.




(a) You can use a lot of templates and customizes your website using add-on of the third parties.

(b) No coding is needed because drag and drop can create a site.

(c) Very fast and easy to set up.




(a) Free accounts are limited and Wix branding displays them on ad your website.

(b) Third party addon is very limited free.

(c) Once the template is selected, it can not be changed.

(d) E-commerce features are limited to paid plans and even those features are limited.




The basic Wix website builder is free.You can add a custom domain and remove the ad for 4.50 $ monthly.Their premium plans start 8.50 $ monthly and go up to 24.50 $ monthly.




The Magento platform is different from all another platform.It is and another option for Joomla.To use Magento you need to know hard coding.If you are a coding expert then you can use it.




(a) Magneto is very customizable in making a website.

(b) Highly powerful and highly responsive tool.




(a) Support is very bad.

(b) Themes and plugin are very limited but free.

(c) If you do not know coding then you need to care for a coding expert.




The tool is 100% free but you will have to pay for the domain and hosting.If you are not good with coding, you will have to hire an expert and spend money.




Weebly it is the host platform where drag and drop have the advantage.Using drag and drop you can make your website very beautiful.There are also dozens of ready themes here by using which you can not make your website beautiful.




(a) Without technical skills, the website can be created through drag and drop.

(b) The website can be set up very quickly.

(c) Free service is available before planning.




(a) Features are very limited and new features cannot be added.

(b) Very limited configuration with the third party platform.

(c) It is difficult to take your website to another platform.




Weebly’s paid plans start at $ 8.00 month and include limited features but you get all features you can pay up to $ 49 month.


8. Ghost


Ghost is a very small blogging platform and its features are very limited.The blog is easy to create and published on this platform.Ghost is a host platform.A software that you can install and host the hosting service.




(a) Writing and blog are focused only on.

(b) Simple interface full free and clean.

(c) Written in Javascript, so it’s super fast.

(d) Setup not required for the hosted version.




(a) The simple interface then the option is very limited.

(b) The limited theme to make the new website beautiful.

(c) Installing itself is very difficult.

(d) It is difficult to customize with apps.




A custom domain for self-hosted versions is required for hosting.A blog has to pay a $ 19 for 25000 page views.


9. Squarespace


Like Wix, this platform always you to use drag and drop web builder with which you can create your website.This platform focuses more on small traders.Those who easily find and easy way to create an online presence.




(a) All those beginners technical skills are very easy to use on this platform.

(b) Best professionally designed template available here.

(c) It separates domain with HTTP/SLL and E-commerce station.




(a) Its a limited to use its own platform.

(b) the two writers are limited and private plot only 20 pages.

(c) You can integrations are limited to select few service and tools.




The personal plan started 16 $ month and advance plan 12 $ month for the business plan pricing starts 26 $ month.


10. Tumblr

The Tumblr platform is a different another platform.It really feels good for microblogging.There are social networking features here and also reblogging, built in sharing tools much more.




(a) It is very easy to use and 100% free.

(b) It provides integration social media components.

(c) It is microblogging tools then image, video, gif, etc is very fast.




(a) Tumblr features are very limited then you cannot extend as your blog grows.

(b) There are many themes but features cannot be provided.

(c) It is difficult to take a blog about another platform




It’s completely free you can configure your custom domain and third party addon can be used very easily and can easily configure. vs


If you are a beginner and you want to build blogging careers then you have to go to the WordPress after investing a little because today’s WordPress is very powerful easy to use affordable famous and all available blogging platform.

On the other hand, if you want to learn what blogging is and do not want to invest in it, then you have to use blogger.Because is completely free and easy setup.




If you have help with this guide then please give a comment.If you have any question about blogging then let us know (Feedback and questions about blogging)

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